Project Description

The pre-accelerator of the future

NXT is a high school targeted startup pre-accelerator in Routt County, CO. A startup pre-accelerator is a fixed-term, cohort-based program, that includes mentorship and educational components and culminates in a public pitch event or demo day. NXT will offer an educational program that provides the  structure and resources for the students to create their own tech startup.

NXT is one of a kind opportunity for high schoolers in the Routt County area. NXT focuses specifically on tech-related products and resources. In contrast to the traditional businesses which require large amounts of startup capital – most of the time in the hundreds thousands of dollars – tech startups can do the same thing (if not more) for a fraction of the cost. This program is going to highlight those advantages to the high school audience giving them the latest knowledge of the ever changing business technology world. Most of the business concepts for 2018 are now being evolved from the technology culture for their ability to execute with very little overhead on top of scaling to millions of customers in a very short time with very little costs.

NXT’s long term goal is to see the NXT program be a full year long program that rewrites the standardization of the current education system giving students the opportunities to grow their careers now.


We have raised a total of $3000 dollars for the Showcase Day. The top three products will be awarded a cash prize of $1500 for 1st. $1000 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd.

The Showcase Day is the final project of the workshop. It gives the students the opportunity to show the public how they would architect their product. The top three products will receive a cash prize.

Currently our enrollment fee has been rapidly reducing based on our AMAZING community sponsors. We are going to do one last cut for this first season. Our Enrollment for the 2018 season will be $500normally but for this first class we are going to cut that in half to $250

Yes!, We will be awarding two of the strongest applications with scholarships. Special thanks to our community sponsors below.

Or goal for this workshop is always going to be focused on QUALITY vs QUANTITY. We are limiting the enrollment to 10 students.


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I look forward to learning more about your story and project. I love helping clients bring small, medium or large products to life. Whether you are building a simple marketing site or a custom full stack web application. No job is to big.  Please feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you within 24hours.